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Learn French & English as a Foreign Language

At Lingo Gite 'home of linguists', we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke tutoring service that suits your needs, whether that's a weekly lesson or holiday sessions to prepare for school exams, ​adult tuition or staff training for businesses.

Highly qualified teachers

Native speakers

20+ years of experience

Catherine's teaching style is truly remarkable. Not only did she cover the curriculum, but she also delved deeper into French literature and culture, igniting a passion for the language.

Boris — Student at the University of Oxford

Our online students from around the world...

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Learning Stages

Key Stage 2

This is the ideal age to start learning a new language!

Learn the French essentials: Alphabet, Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Age, Classroom Instructions, Objects, Family, Countries, Nationalities, Pets, Days, Months, Seasons, Weather, Clothes and more.

The syllabus puts the emphasis on listening, speaking, gradual reading and some simple writing. Our online resources are perfect for this age group, as students start to read using simple phonics and gradually complex reading. Speaking activities are essential too.

Beautiful French Town

Open the door... unleash the linguist in you!

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