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French, English, Spanish Tutoring

Book an intensive course or a weekly lesson to prepare for A Level, GCSE, Common Entrance or Scholarship examination.


The classes are perfect for young learners too.

Adult group conversation as well as one-to-one tuition are available.

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Our online students from around the world...






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Various Stages

Key Stage 2


This is the ideal age to start learning a new language!

Learn the French alphabet, greetings, colours, numbers, age, classroom instructions, objects, family, countries, nationalities, pets, days, months of the year and the weather.

The syllabus is fun and playful and the emphasis is on listening, speaking, participating, miming and gradually reading.

Key Stage 3


This is the ideal age to revise primary topics and learn new ones.

Learn food and drinks, sport and leisure, clothes, daily routine, jobs and chores in the house, school subjects, school life, opinions, describe family, friends and holidays.

The syllabus is interactive and the emphasis is on learning new vocabulary as well as verbs and tenses. We shall focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Key Stage 4


This is usually the time to focus on exam skills and putting the vocabulary to use by constructing more complex sentences. It’s time to dive into the nitty grammar and show off these tenses without tensing up!

The topics will be around Self and Identity (family and friends, hobbies, technology, customs and festivals, where you live, lifestyle), Global Issues (environmental problems, society, travel and tourism) and Current and Future Studies and Employment.

Key Stage 5


For students who have chosen to study French for A levels or equivalent, we offer support through grammar practice, conversation related to exam topics, translation into both languages and complex reading. French culture will be made more alive through topics such as French films, French novels, French society and current issues.


This is also an ideal time, especially if you are retired or would like to live in a francophone country.

There is the possibility of one-to-one tuition suitable for any level of French, or group conversation for intermediate or advanced level. Our French group discussions are lively and on current topics in a very relaxed, friendly and open atmosphere.

Sophie Carnell - About Me

Sophie Carnell BA (Hons) UWE

PGCE Cambridge & M.A. La Sorbonne


I am a bilingual French English teacher, born in France but living in England for over twenty years. I have a teaching diploma (PGCE) from Homerton College Cambridge University as well as a Master from La Sorbonne Paris University. 

Head of French in one of the most successful prep school for ten years and twenty years of experience in teaching French (any level) and Spanish (up to GCSE), I have founded Lingo Gite.

Very successful with Scholarships and Common Entrance — 80% of students with A and A* in 2020. Support and preparation for GCSE and A level.

Experienced with adults - as one third of my students are adults.

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About Me
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Sarah Giles - About Me

BA (Hons) French with European Literature Warwick

I am a native English speaker and worked for 35 years as a journalist. I am passionate about the correct use of English and its grammar and since retiring I have enjoyed teaching English to numerous students in Hong Kong.


I now look forward to tutoring some more primary and secondary school children as well as EFL students in the UK. 

Contact Me
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Contact Me

My contact info:
Phone or text: 07492 429 327
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