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Invest in your staff with bespoke language training for individuals and small groups.


Improve communication at all levels

Make staff feel valued by investing in their CPD

Improve sales outreach and customer service

Learning counts towards staff development training hours

Why Choose Lingo Gite?

20+ Years Experience

We are professional teachers with more than 20 years of experience.

All Bilingual Tutors

We are all bilingual and can explain the complex grammar in both English and French.

A Service Designed for Businesses

A custom service for businesses, with flexible pricing and a personalised service. 

Flexibility in Group Size

Option to train your staff individually or in small groups of similar levels. 

Sophie is an excellent teacher - patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. Her background as an educator coupled with years of experience of teaching French in a classroom to native English speakers sets her apart.

Caitlin - Lawyer from Montreal

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How it Works

A simple and flexible process.


Step 1: French or English?

The first step is to decide if you would like English or French tuition.


Step 3: how many hours?

If you choose to book regular lessons, a monthly subscription may be cheaper.

Monthly subscription — £600:

  • Up to 10 hours per month.

  • One-to-one or group (up to 4)


Step 2: how many staff?

Lessons can be done in a group (up to 4) or one-on-one.


  • Individual: £75 /hr

  • Group: £145 /hr


Step 4: contact us!

Please contact us using the form or contact details below.

Bridge with Gargoyles

Lingo Gite has been instrumental in relocating employees by training staff to become fluent speakers. 

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