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French, Spanish, English Tuitions

Classes are either online or face-to-face and delivered by a qualified and experienced teacher.


Book a weekly lesson or an intensive course during the holidays. 


Weekly lessons are perfect for young learners too.​

Learning From Home

I can see my kids enjoying the lessons with Madame Sophie and they always look forward to her class. Thank you for inspiring Ryan and Reina to learn French.

Mrs Cheung from Hong Kong

It’s a pleasure learning French with Madame Sophie, the lessons are extremely enjoyable and although it is tough to learn a lot of new words, she teaches us with a lot of patience and care and makes me enjoy it a lot.

Ryan – 14 years old from Hong Kong

Sophie has been tutoring my son and a friend for GCSE on a Saturday. Since they have started, there has been a significant improvement in both the spoken and written French (expected grades 8 and 9). Sophie manages to cover an enormous amount and as an experienced teacher, she strikes a brilliant balance between fun and hard work. 

Caroline – mum to GCSE student

Our family moved from Singapore to the UK. My son Yugo was a complete beginner. After one year of French - two lessons a week and some intensive course during the holidays - he is now top of his year in French (in the non-bilingual section) at Sevenoaks School. French has become his best subject!

Natsuki - mum to Yugo 

Our family moved from Singapore to the UK and my son Yugo was a complete French beginner.

After one year of French - two weekly lessons and some intensive holiday course - he is now top of his year in French (in the non-bilingual section) at Sevenoaks School. French is at the moment his strongest subject!

Natusuki - mum to Yugo

Caitlin - from Montreal  Canada

Sophie is an excellent teacher - patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. Her background as an educator coupled with years of experience of teaching French in a classroom to native English speakers sets her apart from most of the other tutors and it is why I chose to study with her. Unlike other tutors I've had, she's comfortable speaking in both English and French, so she's able to switch back and forth, as sometimes needed when explaining a difficult piece of grammar.


Sophie is absolutely lovely during and after each lesson and so very helpful. She's always so well -prepared for each lesson and aims to tailor each tuition to you. She's truly a professional - she's always gauging my abilities and identifying areas that need improvement and then integrating them into our lessons. I'm so glad that I found Sophie!!!

I can see my kids enjoying the lessons with Madame Sophie and they always look forward to her class. Thank you for inspiring Ryan and Reina to learn French.

Ms Cheung from Hong Kong 

Sophie is such an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher. She has helped Fin to have confidence as a result he does well. We have called upon her help for French and now Spanish!

Nadia – mum to GCSE student

Sarah is a lovely teacher who makes it really easy to understand English. My spoken and written English have improved enormously in the two years she has been teaching me and I have much more confidence now.

Darwin - 14 from Hong Kong

I am Greek but live in Paris with my fiancé. Sophie has been instrumental to speaking French. She is an amazing teacher and adapts her lessons to my level. She explains clearly in English the complicated French grammar. I totally trust and rely on her.

Sélinie – adult from Cyprus

Sophie has taught my three children to prepare them for different exams. She is the kindest, most wonderful and thoughtful teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough for all French tuition, whether it be to help in passing an exam or indeed to give your child the confidence to believe in themselves.  Having taught for 26 years myself, I believe I can spot a wonderful teacher and she is truly the best! My eldest ended up achieving an ‘A’ in his scholarship paper and I have no doubt Sophie made it possible.

Lucy - mum from England

Sophie transformed my daughter’s attitude to French by her patience and understanding. She is precise without being dull and always encouraging. Even with the use of zoom lessons the teaching was highly effective. I never thought Mathilda would achieve what she did in her exam and we are so grateful that she now has a good foundation to take her forward to her senior school. 

Sarah –mum  from England

With Sophie’s help and encouragement, I have found learning can be rewarding and great fun. Sophie is kind and patient with a lovely sense of humour. Best thing I have done since retirement.

Mel – adult from England

I'm very glad that I've chosen Sophie as my tutor since she is very patient and attentive. Also, she quickly adapts the curriculum to my needs, level and progress. Having started basically from scratch, after only four months we can comfortably have each lesson fully in French and I can even read and follow Harry Potter in French. If you really want to learn French you shouldn't look any further.

Konstantin – adult from Moscow

Sophie is a patient and effective teacher whose lessons are challenging without being dispiriting - I have learnt more from working with her for two weeks than I have in a year with a language app.

Peter - adult from London


One-to-one tuition (from 1st April 2023):

  • Per hour: £44*

  • Per hour and a half: £58*

* Prices are based on home teaching. To cancel a session, please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid being charged the full rate.

Meeting up with one of my students from Singapore.jpg

Meeting up with one of my students from Singapore

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Meeting up with Selinie in Paris

David Paris.jpg

Meeting up with David Blaine and JR in Paris

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