French Conversation

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Enjoy a cup of tea in a friendly environment and boost your French speaking skills.


In small groups you will have the opportunity to speak French on current news or a topic of interest. All resources will be provided and the group will have a similar ability. Intermediate or advanced level are available at the moment. 

Since the lockdown, three of us have been having our weekly 'advanced conversation classes' with Sophie online, via Zoom. It works really well and now, eight weeks later, our 'virtual classes' are really not that different to our 'real classes' in Sophie's home (except that we are missing out on tea and her delicious biscuits and treats!). We all chat away in French online just as we used to do, and Sophie makes sure there is always something to laugh about which really helps to lift everyone's spirits at this difficult time.


She is very good at making sure everyone is included in the conversation, and the exercises she sets are just at the right level - difficult enough to challenge us, but fun to do. She gently and unobtrusively corrects our French when necessary, without interrupting the flow of conversation, and encourages us to search for those words and phrases that we used to know but have long since forgotten!


We are all so pleased that Sophie has been able  to carry on her classes in this way - I for one would miss them enormously if the Covid-19 crisis had put a stop to them.

Sarah G.

Every Friday, I join two other friends for an hour of French conversation and we start by discussing what we have been up to during the week and Sophie then guides the conversation with a specific topic. She always brings interesting resources and optional homework. The atmosphere is very relaxed and non of us mind making mistakes. We always learn colloquial words and phrases and sometimes there is more of a focus on grammar. The hour goes far too fast because although we feel that we have worked hard, it is always enjoyable. Since we started in September, I feel we are all far more confident and committed to becoming more fluent French speakers. 

Caroline L.


Group conversation for adults are £35 per month.*

Conversation for A-Level and GCSE are £30 per hour.

Conversation for A-Level and GCSE are £20 per hour (sharing with another student).

* Weekly conversation of an hour to an hour and a half.